Calling out all the Jalabiya wholesalers. Fashionphobic is here!

Calling out all the Jalabiya wholesalers. Fashionphobic is here!

What is Fashionphobic?

Fashionphobic is an online marketplace for ethnic Jalabiyas and Kaftans. Although we are based in the Middle East, our brand travels all across the globe. We produce original & unique designs that are made using only the best materials and offer them at unbelievable prices. We believe dressing your best does not have to come at the cost of an empty pocket. We aim to provide every customer,  wholesaler or a retailer with exceptional service, making your shopping experience an easy & seamless process. Fashion is transformative, and we wish to deliver this power all across the globe, this is why we have started to reach out to wholesalers, to collaborate with us and join in our mission and goal. The fabric of our culture being - Quality and Authenticity. 

The kind of outfits we offer

At Fashionphobic we have a wide range of outfits you can choose from. We believe fashion exists through experimentation, and this is why we believe in crafting unique designs that can represent various kinds of styles. At Fashionphobic we have every kind of jalabiya or kaftan you could think of, made from various materials, for various occasions. So whether you are looking for a collection that is suited to lounge in or lavish gowns to dine in, we’ve got it all. We use traditional hand embroidery techniques and also use the more contemporary digital print, you can find it all under one roof. 

Our current categories include - 

  • Embroidered Jalabiyas 

  • Loungewear Jalabiyas 

  • Casual Wear Jalabiyas 

  • Nightwear Jalabiyas 

  • Maternity Jalabiyas 

  • Evening Wear Jalabiyas 

  • African Jalabiyas 

  • Wedding Jalabiyas

Our Jalabiyas are made to suit each and every woman this is why all our outfits come in a wide range of sizes; Small, Medium, Large and all the way to a 4XL. We also got you all the fabrics customers could possibly ask for like - Cotton. Viscose, Polyester, Polyester Viscose. Chiffon, Georgette. Modal. Viscose Modal. Satin, Cotton Satin

Why do we choose Ethnic wear?

It’s no surprise that ethnic wear is a big deal in the Middle East and is a staple to every woman. These traditional designs are sported on various occasions and worn in various ways. Jalabiyas specifically have played a crucial role in the Arabian culture for men as well as for women. Ever since around 2015, there has been a high demand for jalabiya, especially during the Ramadan period. Today we can say a lot of women have ditched multiple clothing layers and have chosen the single, airy, and fashionable Jalabiya. 

We fondly love this design and are in awe when he ponders upon the rich cultural roots it carries. So we thought why not spread our love in the form of fashion to every woman who wishes to be herself! 

So if you are a wholesaler situated anywhere across the globe, we invite you for a fulfilling fashion collaboration. We promise to offer the best prices and unbelievable discounts while also providing trendy styles that are designed upon supreme quality materials. Wish to spread the love of fashion and make every woman feel magnificent? Feel free to contact us at +97145646504 (Call)/ +91 98190 87700 (Whatsapp) or email us at _____ also don’t forget to check out all our latest styles on our website: