Clothing the curvy (Kaftans for plus sizes)

Clothing the curvy (Kaftans for plus sizes)


On the look-out for the perfect plus-size outfit? Well, look no further! We got you, your one-stop solution for the perfect curvy outfit! That’s right! We are talking about kaftans! They are versatile, trendy, comfortable, and are injected with glam and style! It’s really tough to go wrong with this easy-breezy look. So without any further adieu here’s your perfect guide to styling your favourite kaftan for every occasion!

Your Body Shape

Although it is not necessary for you to stick to any particular style, certain kaftan patterns can be more flattering on certain body types. If you have an apple-shaped body, a free-flowing and loose kaftan can be perfect for you. It passes smoothly over every little curve and bump. If you have a pear-shaped body, you can opt for a straight a-line cut that provides you with a little coverage at the leg and hip area. If you have an hourglass figure, opt for kaftans that cinch at the waist, or you could also style it with a belt to emphasize your curves. But no matter what your body shape is you can go for any pattern or colour you like, after all, it’s all about choosing an outfit that you feel most comfortable in.

Can you actually hide your weight by wearing a kaftan?

Most of us have faced the occasional weight gain problem, but that’s nothing to be shy about. The best thing about a kaftan is that they are almost free size, so you don’t have to worry about altering your clothes every now and then. Since Kaftans are flowy and light they work really well when it comes to hiding areas you are a little conscious about. If you decide to invest in the right kaftan it can not only flatter your figure but it can also help you look super stylish. It’s best to choose kaftans with either a vertical design to add length or patterns that are more dainty and tiny. If you are on the shorter side it is important to choose kaftans that are shorter, as it helps to add a bit more length to your whole look.

Here are our top 5 tips when choosing the perfect kaftan.

  1. Don’t just cover it all

When it comes to plus size clothing you usually see people just buying the biggest and longest outfit out there. But it’s important to love your curves, instead of shying away from them, all you have to do is learn how to accentuate them. First find your perfect fit, one that’s not too tight, not too loose. Secondly, you need to select what would you want to accentuate? If you love your hands, why not go for a kaftan with flowy sleeves. Love your legs? Choose a kaftan that has a little slit. Want to accentuate your waist, try out a wide statement belt.

  1. Choosing the right fabric

Understanding fabric composition can be very helpful when it comes to plus-size styling. You would notice that a polyester material would produce static and would start to cling to your body, this could be unflattering and uncomfortable. On the other hand, going for cotton-elastic materials would be fitting, yet not too clingy, helping you breathe and accentuate the right parts.

  1. Accessorize smartly

Let’s not overlook the magic that jewellery can bring to any outfit. When you add a statement piece to your outfit, you automatically draw attention to that side of your body. So if you wish to take the attention away from your hips you add on an elaborate necklace and subtle earring or even vice versa. If you wish to draw attention to your legs, why not sport some expensive heels, this would work particularly well with a slit kaftan, adding a bit of luxury and glam to any look.

  1. Picking the right colours

Colours can literally speak into your outfit. It’s all about speaking your mood and adding a bit of self-expression into your look. It’s not necessary to always stick to black just to cover your curves, there is no need for you to disappear into the background when you have tons of options you could select from. This is one area where you don't have to allow your size to dictate your pick. Just have a look at the colour wheel and follow a couple of rules if you wish to find yourself some perfect colour combinations.

So go ahead find your perfect plu-size kaftan pick at Fashionphobic!