Fashion Phobic | Maternity and Pregnancy Kaftans

Fashion Phobic | Maternity and Pregnancy Kaftans

Once upon a time, maternity outfits did not necessarily align with the on-trend styles, but well we are here to tell you   how comfortable can also be fashionable when it comes to kaftans. Pregnancy can be beautiful, equally stressful and the last thing you need to worry about is how to deal with your closet. Styling yourself through 9 months of continual body change can certainly be quite confusing, but we do have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to help you look trendy all the time. It’s time to bring your bump fashion back in the game. 

Loose does not mean oversized. 

Without a doubt, during pregnancy comfort is key! It can get really easy to go for outfits that are extremely baggy and loose. But it’s important to choose ones that fit you well, and are designed to be flowy at the right places. You don’t have to let your sleeves run loosely down your arms anymore. The best thing about kaftans is that they perfectly cinch in at the right places. They are looser at the stomach and a little snug at the waist while flowing perfectly from your shoulders to your legs. They also come in various prints, material, and colours so you can mix and match along the way. 

Don’t shy away from layers

A lot of people feel that layers would make them look bulkier, but that’s just a myth. Layering can work wonders if done the right way. We recommend pairing a plunging neckline with a simple inner or going for long robes or an open kaftan style. All you have to do is watch your proportions and not go overboard by choosing too many heavy materials like too much cotton or linen. Combine cotton with silk or georgette for a more flowy look.

Go all out with the patterns and stripes! 

Pregnant or not, many women don’t choose bold designs or horizontal patterns, worrying that it would make them seem a little broader. But it’s about time we shun that myth away. Remember to choose a kaftan that has an overall print without too much negative space, like the maternity kaftans at Fashionphobic. These ones almost seem like they are designed to suit the bump and help you look glamorous wherever you go. 

Choosing the right colour 

When trying to hide the focus from your bump, women usually pick darker colours. Instead of opting for darker tones, it’s important to first understand the kind of tones that suit you. Colours can actually work in a way that suits your body, especially if you have ruching details near your stomach. 

Think beyond pregnancy

Why let all the trendy outfits you carefully invested in during your pregnancy go to waste. When you choose the right outfits you can wear them even after your pregnancy. The best thing about maternity kaftans is that they can easily convert themselves into your favourite loungewear kaftan as well. Their loose and fashionable patterns make for the perfect stay-at-home outfit. The magic about these kaftans is that they are designed to be fashionable and comfortable all at the same time. 

Ready to incorporate all these trendy style tips into action? It’s super easy to find the most in-trend outfits, in every size you can imagine!  Hop on to the Fashion Phobic website and find all your favourite maternity wear kaftans that come in various colours, styles, and patterns all from the comfort of your own home.