FashionPhobic | Wedding Kaftans To Lounge Around In!

FashionPhobic | Wedding Kaftans To Lounge Around In!

We can all agree, the most unforgettable time of your life would require you to look a little extra special all the time. Knowing that weddings are usually nothing short of a whole festival, it’s important to have your closet all prepped and ready even when you are just lounging at home. After all, how can we forget one of the most exciting bits of the wedding season i.e dressing up! When looking for outfits to lounge in, we must opt for the comfiest styles out there, and we can’t deny kaftans have a way of magically combining the best of style and comfort. With around a million lounge wear outfits to choose from, we are here to help you, identify the most trendy styles that would best suit you and your aesthetic.

Pleasing Pastels 

When lounging at home, we usually need shades that are more subtle and dainty, but when we also have to look adorable, the bewitching hues of pastels are the way to go! Pamper yourself to the refreshing tones of beige, blue, mint, or peach. As you must have noticed these shades have already gained quite some popularity over the years. Kaftans that come in these colours are no doubt comfy but also subtle and elegant. 

Fabulously Floral 

Florals don’t necessarily have to stay in spring, they perfectly fit within the festivities of the wedding season. You can feel glamorous even after your wedding day, floral designs on a kaftan can effortlessly notch up your look. Especially if you are a person who can’t constraint themselves to just one tone, a flowery pattern brings in the right pop of colour and style!

Elegant Embroidery 

We love the lounge wear embroidered look because of how elegant and dreamy it seems. If eloquent is your go-to style, we found you a lounge wear outfit you would not want to let go of, you may just make this your staple wherever you go. Embroidered lounge wear kaftans exhibit an essence of royalty and leave behind an aura of elegance. Looking glamorous all the time has never been this easy. 

Stunning Stripes

We can’t get over how classy and timeless stripes can make you feel. It just sounds like an exaggeration until you actually wear it. All you need to do is make sure that with geometrical patterns and stripes, your kaftan material is firm and well-structured for a more tailored and comfortable look. Stripes that are combined with the right shades e.g black and beige or Pink and grey, can lift up your whole look. 

Short and Sweet 

If you wish you can also give the tried and tested long style kaftan a little break. Especially if  you are looking for something that is a little more different and unique, a shorter, ankle-length kaftan is a must-try! Pair this style with heels and you could also wear this look on a casual day out. You can play around with all kinds of colours and patterns with this piece. Although if you wish to elongate your look a longer and flowy kaftan would suit you better. 

There you go! Here are all the fashion trends to help you look glamorous during the wedding season and on any occasion even when you are just lounging in. Try any of your favourite kaftan styles and trust us the complements would not stop pouring in. Have your wedding glow last all year round with the help of these glam outfits. So hurry up! Enter the world of elegant design and shop for all your favourite styles at