Here’s our pick of the top 5-places for kaftan shopping

Here’s our pick of the top 5-places for kaftan shopping

We all know with shopping online these days, we often spend most of our time scrolling through endless pages in search of just one glorious design. This is why we are here to make shopping a little less taxing after a thorough scan online, we have narrowed down on top 5 brands and online shops that sell some of the trendiest kaftans and jalabiya designs. Our list will help you with some worthwhile browsing to get your cart full of pieces you’d adore. 

  1. Sameera Fashions 

Sameera Fashions is known for selling quality kaftans at exclusive prices. Their designs are unique and are tailored to suit every popular trend out there. So whether you are looking for printed jalabiya/kaftans, designer patterns, or sober colours, you can find it all at Sameera Fashions! All of their designs are easily available online at Fashionphobic. Find your favourite pick and have it shipped to you wherever you are. 

  1. On my mind 

As the name suggests, the jalabiyas and kaftans designs of this brand will always be on your mind. If you are looking for steal deals, intricate designs, and multiple size variants, ‘On my mind’ is definitely a must-try. If you do spend a little time scrolling through their designs, you’d be surprised at the number of designs you’d instantly fall in love with. Wonder where could you find their luxurious designs? They are exclusively available at Fashionphobic. 

  1. Kashkha 

Kashkha is one of the fastest-growing modern fashion brands out there. Every design at Kashka is a representation of diversity and creativity. Besides jalabiyas and kaftans, they also sell tops, jackets, skirts, hijabs etc. Currently, they do have a couple of exciting offers running on their website. Within their large inventory of designs, you are sure to find a bag full of designs that completely suit your style.

  1. Boksha

Are you on the lookout for unique kaftan and jalabiya designs from various brands all at one place? You must check out Boksha! It’s one of our favourite online shops for trendy and unique designs. You don’t have to constrain yourself to mundane styles anymore. With just one click you can now browse through designs from various brands all at one place. From clean cuts, to designer gowns find it all at Boksha. 

  1. Gunaya Hafiz 

Gunya Hafiz’s fashion brand is known to be a woman's best friend. The brand specializes in combining classical vintage designs with current cultural fashion trends and they do effortlessly. The brand’s whole aura and vibe is uniquely timeless and elegant. As a women entrepreneur, Gunya Hafiz’s designs and patterns are infused with the essence of independence, modern femininity and class. 

We hope you got a cup of tea ready? Because ogling through these websites can certainly take a good amount of time. Since most of us have to resort to online shopping during the current pandemic, we thought we’d make it worth your while. So here is our recommendation of some of our most treasured brands. You can also find some of these brands on Have some favourite recommendations of your own? Feel free to comment below and let us know your top suggestions.