How to choose your ideal Kaftan look

How to choose your ideal Kaftan look


 Kaftans are a must-have piece in every wardrobe. It’s light, airy, and fashionable all at the same time. Our unique pieces can be styled to look contemporary or traditional, it just depends on the kind of kaftan you choose and how you accessorize it. Since they are such an easy piece, at Fashionphobic we design them in multiple variations to suit your unique personality and style.

The tricks are up your sleeves

Sleeves are such an important element when it comes to Kaftan designs. If you wish to go for a more modern and trendy look, there are a range of sleeveless or short sleeve kaftans you can try out. These patterns can be styled with some trendy bracelets or earring depending on the look you are going for.

There are also multiple long sleeve kaftans you can choose from, some are just basic and straight, while some are flowy and come embellished with various designs and patterns. So there are numerous styles designed and crafted just for you.

Let your hips do the talking

Most kaftans do clench a bit at the waist, for a more tailored and fitted look. Some are decked with pretty frills or various types of belts for a little extra volume. If you wish to go for a more tailored look while also ditching the belts, there are various patterns you can go for, like some layered styles or some waist embroidery that could also do the trick.

On the other hand, we have kaftans that are more straight and flowy, where the embroidery pattern flows vertically for a more elongated look. You can also go for Kaftans that have a little wrap-around pattern if you wish to try out something that’s unique and out of the box.

Picking the magnificent material

The material of the kaftan is really your choice! There are some materials like cotton that usually stick to your body if you want a more casual and snug look. While some other materials like silk or chiffon are flowy and are really easy to layer together. Layering can be quite helpful when you wish to hide your curves.

 Some kaftans even allow you to experiment with a combination of different materials for a crisp and elegant feel.

The array of colours!

Kaftans come in a range of exciting colours! This is where you can really put your personality in your style. If you wish to wear it all, we have kaftans that are an actual representation of a colourful rainbow, they scream sunshine and are best worn for a casual day or maybe for a simple lunch date.

There are also kaftans that come in any single solid colour you like. These kaftans can be styled in various ways, they look exceptionally well with statement jewellery pieces or elaborate heels.

If you are in for a more monochromatic look there are multiple dual-tone kaftans to suit your style.

Dress the occasion

Kaftans can be worn anytime and anywhere, it’s just about choosing the right one for the right occasion. Whenever you wish to look glam, Kaftans always have your back. Go for simple cotton kaftans with minimal design for an everyday casual look, or even on the days you feel like you have nothing to wear. You can opt for kaftans with rich materials like chiffon or even ones with heavy embroidery for a more formal or party-wear look.

Because a kaftan can last you for a very long time it’s important to choose your perfect one. We in fact believe it’s important to have one for every occasion, simply because there is so much you can do with every design. At Fashionphobic we have a wide range of quality and fashionable Kaftans you can choose from. Some kaftans are designed to be functional and are meant for everyday comfort and style while some kaftans are embellished with various sequins and embroidery designs for a wedding look or you could even wear it for fun night out. In case you have any more suggestions or have any questions about choosing the right kaftan, feel free to leave your comments below.