The Eloquent World of Embroidery at Fashion Phobic

The Eloquent World of Embroidery at Fashion Phobic


It’s tough not to fall in love with Kaftans that are adorned with detailed embroidered designs and exquisite colours. The embroidered fashion trend is an everlasting one, it has taken up quite some popularity in 2017 and it looks like this trend is definitely here to stay. From minimalistic designs to exaggerated looks, to symmetrical patterns there are a multitude of patterns that emerge from the simple art of embroidery.

The magic about the embroidered pieces at Fashionphobic is that each pattern tells a different story. It showcases the power of femininity with deep and intricate patterns with every stitch having so many hidden stories within. So when you pick your favourite embroidered piece you know it’s unique to your taste and looks, and so styling it also must have a lot of your aesthetics involved in it.

So let’s have a look at the various styles of embroidered kaftans at Fashion Phobic

  1. Sleeveless Cotton Kaftan With Black Embroidery 

This elaborate piece sports some exquisite Aari work embroidery. The Aari embroidery is a

unique artwork that is done by stretching the fabric and pulling it over a

wooden frame. One of the most unique attributes of this piece is that it’s handmade,

using a crochet-like needle in order to get intricate details. If you’re a person who loves dainty and unique designs, this piece is definitely for you.

  1.    Center Embroidery Till Bottom with Pockets

Who doesn’t love outfits that come with pockets! Especially when they are decorated with some beautiful embroidered designs. This kaftan is one of a kind! Need to add a little sparkle to your evening? We got you an eloquent marron piece that is jewelled with shiny sequins and detailed colourful embroidery. Your perfect combination of traditional and glamourous sits within this perfect look. So go ahead make it your own! This piece is just dying for a little photoshoot session with you.

  1.     Embroidered Neck and Pockets

One of the best things about any embroidered piece is that you can go all out with the colours without looking too overwhelmed. This unique design does exactly that. It adds a splash of colour to your otherwise plain kaftan look. This look requires nothing else, it’s a statement by itself. The designer pockets and sleeves would make you the centre of attention wherever you go.

  1.    Embroidered Neck with Pockets On Black and White Stripes

On the other end of the spectrum we also give you a more simplistic and monochromatic look. This black and white embroidered piece is so easy to style and could be worn literally anywhere from a special occasion or even for a casual outing. A dual tone embroidered design adds in just the right amount of glam and sophistication to your look.

5.     Embroidered Neck and Bottom Slit   

Let your outfit play a little peek a boo. When it comes to embroidered kaftans it is usually the exaggerated designs that do all the talking. But not in the case of this one. We have also added a little slit right at the bottom for that added jazz. This is what we call a dreamy look indeed! Rich gold embroidery and a sophisticated slit.

Our embroidered pieces are more than simple designs, they are a representation of traditional stories and in trend styles. Although the embroidered look started off as a simple way of designing, it has created a legacy in the world of fashion. We see it everywhere on couture pieces and even on bangs, on jewellery so why not on kaftans. It’s a design you could experience right at your fingertips. Have you picked your favourite look, or are you still stuck with our favourite 5?