How to style women Jalabiya

How to style women Jalabiya

We always go gaga about jalabiyas! It’s such a versatile piece that’s travelled with us through time and borders. The perfect outfit is almost synonymous to jalabiya, it’s light, airy, comfortable, and even stylish. But because a jalabiya is a whole outfit by itself, styling can get a bit tricky. But not to worry, here are our few secret tips to get you rocking every jalabiya trend out there. 

The right fit!

Your outfit begins at its stitch! Since jalabiyas are otherwise pretty basic, it’s shape and design can make all the difference. It’s best to ditch the ones that just don’t fit you well. Some jalabiyas are more traditional, loose and have a straight fit, some come with a tail cut at the bottom, and some hug you at the waist. Depending on your style you can certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to the right fit. 

The Shoe Hunt

Since jalabiyas are usually long and flowy, your legs are more likely shortened. If you wish to elongate your look it’s important to choose shoes that pump up your look. Pointed heels add just the right amount of glamour to any look. You can either go monochromatic tones and choose a heel colour that matches with your jalabiya. In case you don’t have a pair of the exact same colour, a nude pair would work really well. It would also work as a wardrobe staple and seamlessly go with any jalabiya or even any outfit.

The headgear style 

Although headgears aren’t that commonly worn, they work magnificently when paired with middle-eastern designs. Especially when a jalabiya is already decked with an elaborate neckline, you are usually lost for styling options. This is when a headgear becomes your best accessory. There are mainly two options with headgears, you can either pull off a cloth headgear, by styling a scarf in creative ways or you can go for jewelled headwear, with beads and chains. Instantly feel like a million bucks with this simple trick. 

The magic is in your hands

With an outfit, you must first choose your main accessory, your statement piece. If a headgear seems a bit too dramatic, we can go for a more subtle accessory, bangles or sleeves! If you have not yet purchased the jalabiya you wish to style, you can pick one that comes with a dramatic sleeve. They are usually long, flowy, and are known to dance with your every move, some even come embroidered and have various designs. If the temperature only allows you to wear shorter sleeves you can opt for either oxidized jewellery or any kind of metal design or colour you like. 

The perfect pair earring

Earrings are quite a tricky accessory when it comes to jalabiyas. But you don’t have to go for the hit or miss, all you have to do is remember a few tricks for the perfect look every single time. 

If your jalabiya is already heavy with embroidery, you can let down your locks and go for a no-show stud earring. If your jalabiya is simplistic with a minimum colour palette, you can pull up your hair and go for the perfect statement earrings that are long and intricate in design. 

The perfect makeup look 

Sometimes with an elaborate jalabiya ‘less is more’. Sometimes a jalabiya is complete just by itself, it’s the perfect stand-alone piece. That’s when your biggest accessory is your look and your makeup. You can either pull off a bold lip or go for a dramatic eye design it’s all up to you. 

Whether that be with jewellery, shoes, or a makeup look there are an endless number of ways to style this go-to look. But the most important tip is to add in your own style with any piece. It’s all about choosing a jalabiya that fits you right by size and design. After a bit of experimentation, you’d also be able to style one jalabiya in multiple ways. When it comes to creativity in design and style, the sky is your limit. If you need a bit more inspiration or you wish to explore some new and trendy jalabiyas styles, don’t forget to check out our collection.