Jalabiya fashion trends 2021

Jalabiya fashion trends 2021

It’s a new year and a new you! 2021 is ready to get you all prepped and fashionable with some fancy floral, colour, and of course some daring embroidery.

It’s hard to believe 2021 is just around the corner! You don’t just get to finally step outside but you also get to step out of your comfort zone to truly express yourself with fashion. With the best of trends coming your way, it’s time to go all out. We have been tucked into our blankets for way too long, get prepped up to welcome the new year with a wardrobe full of style! 

So here are the top Jalabiya trends to watch out for in the coming year. 

A pop of colour! 

There’s nothing we love more than some loud and colourful jalabiyas for spring/summer. We are calling back the 1990’s fashion trends and adding in a splash of colour to our lives. These jalabiyas with either bright patchwork or colourful patterns would be perfect for a casual look on a hot summer day. Stay ahead of the trend and spot your favourite colour at Fashion Phobic. 

Stylish and Sheer

It’s going to be a sheer summer this coming year! This flowy and romantic look is going to be all the rage! It’s sophisticated, contemporary and gorgeous. Add in some detailed jewellery and your favourite pair of heels and there you go, your perfect night outfit is all ready. Wish to try something new? A clean and sheer would be the perfect place for you. 

Fancy Floral

The floral trend is not yet ready to let us go, well maybe because floral patterns can be so diverse and trendy. So no matter what your style, you would definitely find a pattern that could reflect you. But if you ask us, we’d say go all out because these whimsical patterns are sure to add in a touch of joy for you and your folks!

Daring Embroidery

Detailed embroidery adds in that touch of individuality and creativity to your whole look. Specially handmade embroidery is a versatile craft that is admired by many. The beauty of this art is hidden in its details. This soft yet inspiring look would work wonderfully with any jalabiya be it fancy loungewear or wedding wear.

Waist Hugs

It’s time to clinch it this new year. Although belts and Jalabiyas aren’t a very traditional pair, you can make up for that by wearing jalabiyas that cinch in at your waist. They are flattering and yet not body hugging. A perfect way to add a bit of jazz to an otherwise straight fitting outfit. It’s all about creating a bit of shape by finding your perfect style. 

Cool Khaki Tones

This tan cotton fabric is perfect for the summers. Traditional jalabiyas that were also worn by men usually had such tones, it’s time to pump up that traditional look. You can dress it up or down, incorporating a bit of you in every look. So pick up your favourite statement necklace and rock out your new jalabiya outfit. 

The checkered style

Welcome aboard to the checkered galore! It’s easy and trendy! The checkered jalabiyas are all in for the next fashion season! Usually worn for a more casual look, the fancy new pattern is sure to suit everybody. It’s so simple and easy, your jalabiya piece will be doing all the work for you. You should always have an outfit on hand on the days when your closet seems to be completely empty, this is when your checkered jalabiya comes in handy. 

Are you all prepared for your perfect work to weekend closet? In case you are still wondering where to find all these styles ahead of time, we found you your one-stop destination for all your jalabiya fashion needs. Fashion Phobic is here to bless your new fashion year. You can find your perfect jalabiya, from a range of different types, carefully assorted by occasion, material and size. It’s super easy to find your pick or even select a new style! So head on to the Fashionphobic website!