Kaftans- The Forever Fashion Statement

Kaftans- The Forever Fashion Statement

It’s loose, it’s comfortable, it’s flattering, and always fashionable! The Kaftan has made its way into every fashion genre. Kaftans are worn from Dubai to India to all around the globe. Today especially in middle eastern countries sporting a jalabiya is somewhat essential especially during occasions. They are versatile and magically trendy. You can wear it as a fancy evening dress or a casual-cool summer day, it’s tough to get bored of something that this iconic and easy. 

Before it became a must-have piece for women, it was the men who worked up the Kaftan fashion in the middle-east. These Arabic style dresses were mainly made of silk or cotton. The morocoon Kaftan was solely worn by the royalties during the Ottoman empire. By the 19th century, it soon caught everyone’s attention it was worn by everyone from the shopkeepers to the kings. 

Then the French soon learnt that this highly fashionable Kaftan dress would be all the craze. It is a well-established fact that the Persian and middle-east invented this luxurious piece, but it was the western fashion designer that made this design globally recognizable. In the 1950s Christan Dior and Balenciaga took over the Kaftan design as a loose-fitting evening gown. 

Followed by this the American hippie culture went berserk over the design. At the time it was marketed as a casual gown or a fashionable hostess dress for at-home entertaining. 

The reason why Kaftans and Jalabiyas got adapted as an iconic fashion piece, is also because of its versatility. It can be suited to fit your style whether you are more into modest clothing, lounge-style or even formal. It also features in innumerable cloth textures and patterns. 

When choosing the material for your caftan it’s important to know for which occasion so you buy it for. A rayon, georgette, or satin Jalabiya Kaftan works well for a formal look. These designs resemble the one’s that were worn during the Ottomon type. The one’s made from a more natural fabric, i.e cotton or dainty silk and what is now sold as the Moroccan style Kaftan is perfect for a more casual look. 

Kaftans’ also come in varying lengths to suit your style. Although you can break the rule and make this your own design. A medium-length Kaftan worn with a pair of leggings is popularly worn as part of formal fashion trends in Dubai. Long flowy Kaftans/Jalabiyas look stunning at cocktail parties, occasions and events.

Another huge plus point of wearing a kaftan is that there is no restriction with accessorizing your look. Although a nude pair of shoes or a bag could work universally, these vibrant designs pretty much go with anything. 

At Fashion Phobic as well we make complete use of the Kaftan/Jalabiya silhouette and put our creative spin to it. It’s super convenient to find the right one for you, for every occasion! Anything can be trendy once adapted! And this exemplary fashion statement had been integrated uniquely by countries all over. This undying trend has certainly earned its place in every woman’s wardrobe. Just in case you have not managed to find your perfect Kaftan/Jalabiya in Dubai we have a range of fashionable Kaftan you can select from. So pick your perfect piece at Fashion Phobic. It’s also always the perfect time to buy a kaftan! If you are lounging at home most of the time or just hopping out for meetings find your perfect wardrobe staple!