The Evolution Of Jalabiya Trends

The Evolution Of Jalabiya Trends

Today, there are tons of people from all around the world who wear jalabiyas as an everyday fashion staple. Although it probably had its genesis due to the harsh temperatures near the Nile, its style quotient and comfort has definitely caused its widespread popularity.  

Over the years, the jalabiya has travelled across all borders, mainly because of its adaptability, style and comfort. This rich and historical clothing item has been revolutionized and its legacy has been evidently popularized. So let’s talk about your favourite piece of clothing and how it has been modernized over time.

Its origin

The first thing to know, is that it has lots of names,  Jalabiya or "galabeya" or "jelebeeya" in Ethiopia. It originated as a traditional Egyptian garment, it is native to the people of the Nile Valley. What distinguishes a Jalabiya from other outfits is it’s wider cuts especially at the bottom, it covers the entire body in a baggy piece of fabric.  It is usually loose-fitting made for  comfort and style!

Earlier people were pretty colour conscious with Jalabiyas, it was common to often wear a white Jalabiya during the summers. During the cooler seasons,  they used the one’s made from thicker fabrics with colours like grey, dark green, olive, blue, tan or striped fabrics and colourful scarves worn around the neck. An ammama was traditionally worn along with it. 

How did it get so popularized?

Since it was the most basic piece of clothing at the time, just like today’s pant, shirt or skirt people wore it a lot! Other cultures were soon influenced by its practicality. 

During the 20th century, experimentation and innovation grew leaps and bounds in many aspects of society. The jalabiya certainly developed during this period with various designs that were adopted by various cultures and has been made to fit various styles. 

The Trends of time 

The African jalabiya 

When we talk about cultural adaptation, one very good example is the Africa style jalabiya. It is quite common in today’s fashion. The colourful and bold prints have been strategically incorporated with a jalabiya and it’s not just the pattern or the style of kaftan, the flowy material at the side has also been seen on different types of jalabiyas today.

Lounge and Nightwear jalabiya 

The magic of a jalabiya is that it can make you feel cool when hot and also hot when cool! It can also get your body to rejoice in comfort. These unique components have made jalabiya the perfect choice for loungewear and even nightwear. What better wear to feel like royalty even when home.